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Indentured Servants...Do You Have One In Your Family?

Wikipedia defines Indentured Servants this way: Indentured servitude refers to the historical practice of contracting to work for a fixed period of time, typically 3 to 7 years, in exchange for transportation, food, clothing, lodging and other necessities during the term of indenture. It was a system that provided jobs and - most important - transportaion for poor young people from the overcrowded labor markets (such as Europe) who wanted to come to laber-short areas, but had no money to pay for it. The majority became farmers and farm wives.

Matthias Flach (My 6th Great Grandfather) left Rimhorn at 19 years old on the ship "Union" under captain Andrew Bryson. He arrived in Philadelphia on Sept 27, 1773, under the name Johan Madas Flach. He became a "servant" and was indentured to John Peters of Philadelphia for 3 years, 3 mo or 20 pounds. (Pennsylvania German Society, List of Indentures, Pg 322-323)

On July 13, 1776, he signed himself up as a common soldier on the Roll of Muster for the War of Independence and fought for America's freedom from the English Crown.

According to documents he participated in the battles of Trenton, Brandywine, Germantown and Monmouth.

Later he married Marie Arnold and they had 8 children.

When they settled in Crawford County, PA he acquired 200 acres.

He's buried in Peiffertown Cemetery, which is 2 miles south of Saegertown, PA. 

Tombstone reads "Restless death's unerring dart has 
pierced the aged veteran's heart. He, while alive, did firm 
maintain the liberty he helped to gain under the 
great Washington." He was a Private.

Great article about Johann Matthias Flach

Descendants of Wilhelm Flach

Generation No. 1

1.  WILHELM2 FLACH  (PAUL1) was born 19 Feb 1668/69.  He married ANNA MARIE GAUL 10 Jun 1698. 
2.                i.    PHILLIP3 FLACH, b. 04 Jan 1709/10; d. 23 Jan 1752.

Generation No. 2

2.  PHILLIP3 FLACH (WILHELM2, PAUL1) was born 04 Jan 1709/10, and died 23 Jan 1752.  He married JOHANNA ELISABETHA MERCKEL 27 Nov 1732, daughter of HANS ADAM MERCKEL.  She was born 12 Feb 1712/13, and died 25 Sep 1776.

Burial: Germany
Occupation: Master Baker

Burial: Germany
3.                i.    JOHANN MATTHIAS4 FLACH, b. 08 Apr 1752, Rimhorn, Hesseen, Germany; d. 20 Jan 1834, Sagertown, PA.
                  ii.    EVA MARIA FLACH.
                 iii.    GEORGE FLACH.

Generation No. 3

3.  JOHANN MATTHIAS4 FLACH (PHILLIP3, WILHELM2, PAUL1) was born 08 Apr 1752 in Rimhorn, Hesseen, Germany, and died 20 Jan 1834 in Sagertown, PA.  He married ANNA MARGARETHA ARNOLD 1780 in Berk County, PA, daughter of PETER ARNOLD and ANNA.  She was born 21 Jul 1759 in Lancaster County, PA, and died 17 Feb 1835 in Woodcock Township, PA.
Burial: PieferTown Cem. on Park Ave Ext between Meadville & Sagertown                                                                                           
Burial: PieferTown Cem. on Park Ave Ext between Meadville & Sagertown
Children of JOHANN FLACH and ANNA ARNOLD are:
4.                i.    GEORGE5 FLAUGH, b. 1793, Eagleton, Cumberland County, Pensylvania; d. 06 Jun 1880, Woodcock Township, PA.
5.               ii.    JACOB FLAUGH, b. 21 Jan 1783, Eagleton, Cumberland County, PA; d. 18 Feb 1863, Sagertown, PA.
                 iii.    MARY M. FLAUGH, b. 1814; d. 1883.
                 iv.    ELIZABETH FLAUGH, b. 09 Mar 1803, Eagleton, Cumberland County, Pensylvania; d. 04 May 1855, Vernon Township, Crawford County, PA.
                 v.    SARAH FLAUGH, b. 1800; d. 1892.
6.              vi.    MATTHIAS FLAUGH, JR, b. 24 Jun 1787, Eagleton, PA; d. 29 Aug 1831,. Crawford County, PA
                vii.    JOHN CONRAD FLAUGH, b. 10 Feb 1795, Eagleton, PA; d. 11 Mar 1879, Crawford County, PA.
               viii.    SAMUEL FLAUGH, b. 24 Nov 1798, Eagleton, Cumberland County, Pensylvania; d. 30 Jan 1875.
                 ix.    BARBARA FLAUGH, b. 1793, Eagleton, Cumberland County, Pensylvania.

Generation No. 4

4.  GEORGE5 FLAUGH (JOHANN MATTHIAS4 FLACH, PHILLIP3, WILHELM2, PAUL1) was born 1793 in Eagleton, Cumberland County, Pensylvania, and died 06 Jun 1880 in Woodcock Township, PA.  He married CATHERINE GRAFF 1813.  She was born 03 Feb 1793 in Sadsbury Twp, Crawford Cnty, PA, and died 11 Aug 1865 in Woodcock Township, PA.

Burial: Mt Blair Cem

Burial: Mt Blair Cem
                  i.    MATTHIAS6 FLAUGH, b. 04 Sep 1817; d. 02 Jul 1899; m. CATHERINE BROWN, 18 Sep 1839; b. 24 Feb 1818; d. 24 Nov 1903.

Burial: Cochraton Cemetary

Burial: Cochraton Cemetary

                  ii.    SAMUEL FLAUGH.
                 iii.    SUSAN FLAUGH.
                 iv.    ABRAM I. FLAUGH.
                 v.    BENJAMIN FLAUGH.
                 vi.    GEORGE W. FLAUGH, JR..
                vii.    HIRAM FLAUGH.

5.  JACOB5 FLAUGH (JOHANN MATTHIAS4 FLACH, PHILLIP3, WILHELM2, PAUL1) was born 21 Jan 1783 in Eagleton, Cumberland County, PA, and died 18 Feb 1863 in Sagertown, PA.  He married CATHERINE HICKERNELL, daughter of ABRAHAM HICKERNELL and ELIZABETH FREE.  She was born 28 Aug 1782, and died 29 Sep 1867 in Hayfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
                  i.    CATHERINE6 FLAUGH, b. 21 Nov 1811; d. 10 Nov 1897.
                  ii.    REBECCA FLAUGH, b. 17 Jul 1818, Saegertown, Crawford, Pennsylvania; d. 18 Jun 1895, Harmony, NY.

6.  MATTHIAS5 FLAUGH, JR (JOHANN MATTHIAS4 FLACH, PHILLIP3, WILHELM2, PAUL1) was born 24 Jun 1787 in Eagleton, PA, and died 29 Aug 1831 in Crawford County, PA.  He married JOHANNA HANNAH ENGELHAUPT 1810, daughter of JOHN ENGELHAUPT and EVA STUMPF.  She was born 07 Mar 1795 in Berks County, Pennsylvania, and died 22 Mar 1861 in Green Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.
                  i.    SARAH6 FLAUGH, b. 31 Dec 1811, Eagleton, Pennsylvania; d. 22 Apr 1892, Woodcock Twp., Crawford County, Pennsylvania..
                  ii.    MARIA MAGDALENA FLAUGH, b. 24 Jul 1814, Pennsylvania; d. 20 Apr 1883, Hayfield Township, Crawford County, Pennsylvania..
                  iii.   LEAH FLAUGH, b 24 Jul 1818, Pennsylvania; d. 31 Oct 1860, Altoona, Polk, Iowa
                  iv.  JUDAH FLAUGH, b. 11 May 1820, Pennsylvania; d. 08 May 1903, Williamsfield, Ashtabula, Ohio (4th Great Grandmother)
                  v.   HANNAH FLAUGH, B. 05 Feb 1821, Pennsylvania; d. 17 Feb 1854
                  vi.  AMOS MATHIAS FLAUGH, b. 09 Apr 1822, Pennsylvania; d.?
                  vii. ELISABETHA ANNA FLAUGH, b.  23 May 1823, Pennsylvania; d. 17 Mar 1901, Iowa
                  ix.  FAYETTA SALOME FLAUGH, b. 26 Jun 1825, Pennsylvania; d. 1910, Mercer Pennsylvania
                  x.   DANIEL FLAW, b. 25 Oct 1827, Pennsylvania; d. 1 April 1913 

The Will of Mathias Flock
In the name of God amane, I Mathias Flock being weak in body but of perfect mind and menory do make this my last will and testament. I order that my beloved wife Mary Flock shall keep one bed and one milk cow and her maintenace shall be out of my real estate and at her death my real and personal shall be sold and divided as follows, my son George Flock the sum of ten dollars, my son Samuel Flock the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, my daughter Barbara Minium the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, and my daughter Elizabeth Brown on hundred and fifty dollars that piece of land which I own part of a tract know by the name of the McClure tract on Muddy Creek seventy five acres I do leave and bequeath unto David Carr my daughters Elizabeth's son now living with me, if he should live until he is of age that said David Carr shall be supported out of my estate and schooled as if I was living, the residue of my estate if shall be divided equal among all my heirs.  I do here by appoint and ordain Jacob Flock and Mathias my two oldest sons executors of this my last will and testament.  Given under my hand and seal this fifth day of August in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and twenty nine.
In presents of
George Long,                          Mathias Flock seal
David Carr
    This codesil of the written will I do make and alter and in place of the ten dollars to George Flock he shall have on hundred and fifty dollars the money I have paid David Wadsworth for his lands shall be considered as part of the hundred and fifty dollars and also David Carr son of Elizabeth Flock formerly now Elizabeth Brown shall considered as one of my heirs and to receive an equal sixty dollars of being money as the rest of my heirs, I also do appoint Daniel Brown his quardian if I should be called of in his minor years.
August 3 1831
George Long                                   Mathias Flock
Daniel Watring
                               In consequence of the death of my son Mathias Flock one of the executors in the foregoing will I do nominate and appoint in his name and sted my son-in-law Daniel Brown with Jacob Flock.
July 22 1833 Attest
George Long                                   Mathias Flock
Crawford County Personally appeared before me George Long and David Carr the two subseribing witnesses to the witten unting purported to the the last will and testament of Mathias Flaugh (now deceased) being duly sworn doth severally dispose and say that they saw the said Mathias Flough sign the same of his own free will and accord and at the time of so doing the said testator ws of perfect sound and disposing mind, memory and understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief.  The said George Long further deposeth and says that he was present and saw the said testator sing the codisil and the second codisil at the respective times of the execution and that he signed his at the request of the testator.  That the testator was of sound mind memory and understanding at the execution of the respective codisils.
Sworn and subseribed this 22 day of January 1834.  H.H. Laughlin depty
Wm W. White Reg               George Long
                                            David Carr
    Crawford County: Daniel Watring one of the subseribers of interpes to the above writing purporting to be a codisil to the will and testament of Mathias Flaugh (now deceased) being duly sworm deposeth and saith that he signed the foregoing codisil or instrument of writing at the request of Mathias Flaugh whose name is subseribed there  unto that he acknowledged the same to a codisil to the within will and testament that he was of sound mind memory and understanding at this time.
Sworn and subseribed the 22 day of January 1834
H.H. Laughlin depty
Wm W. White Reg                     David Watring


  1. Hi! Wally Huskonen here. Your presentation here is nicely done.
    I am descended from Mathias through his granddauther Fayetta Salome Flaugh. Mathias is my fourth great grandfather. I grew up in Andover, Ohio, just a few miles west from Woodcock Twp in Pennsylvania. I now live in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.
    You can contact me at whuskonen@gmail.com