Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Family Photo Collage

Like my family heirlooms, I don't believe in locking away photographs of my family/ancestors. In fact I recently created 2 large photo collages that now hang in my office/dining room.

Not only do I smile each time I see them, they've been the center of many dinner conversations. One of my kids will point to a photo and ask who they are, what year they were alive and that will lead us into a lengthy conversation about all I know about that family member and the things that were happening in their time period.

I'll find the kids staring at the photos at times, inspecting them up close...then they'll say "Mom, I have the same eyes as this person or you sit with your shoulders rolled forward just like this one."

I nod and smile because this is family. These people may be gone but their stories are still here. They still matter.

It's a moment of true family bonding across all generations. I wish each of them could know that 10, 50 or 100 years later their lives and their photos still live on in the homes of their ancestors.

So I encourage you to make one for your homes. You can always make color copies of the photos instead of using the originals. And just see the conversations you'll have.

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