Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cousin Search: Marie Anne Brown and Ernest E Kent

I am looking for information on Marie Anne (Marriane) Brown and Ernest Edonard Kent and their children. I am the Great-Great Granddaughter of Marie Anne and Ernest Kent.

Growing up my grandmother told me stories about the summers she and her brother spent Grandma and Grandpa Kent. They lived on Lake St. Louis and the cousins would descend on the island during the summer.

Here's what I do know:

Marie Anne (Marriane) Brown:
born: Nov 20, 1877 in Quebec, Canada
died: ?
married: Nov 7, 1874 in Quebec, Canada to Ernest Kent

Ernest Edonard Kent:
born: June 25, 1874 in Quebec, Canada
died: ?
married: Nov 7, 1898 in Ste-Anne Quebec, Canada

They lived in Quebec, Canada for many years.
I have a 1911 Census of Canada that lists Marie Anne and Dr. E. E. Kent in Jacques-Cartier District #162 with their 7 children.

Both of their families were well off....part of the "upper class". Marie Anne's father was a doctor and Ernest is listed in the 1911 census as a doctor as well. I'd love to know what type of doctor he was.

I know eventually they buy a house on an island on Lake St. Louis but when? My grandmother and her brother would spend summers there with all their cousins. Ernest would play the piano and sing "Silver Threads Among the Gold".

Dr. E E Kent's Sail Boat

I wrote an earlier post about Marie Anne and Ernest.

Ernest Edonard Kent 1874-? Family Tree

Marie Anne Brown (Kent) 1877 - ? Family Tree

Dr Kent and Marie Anne had 7 children so my grandmother had a ton of cousins. I hope there is someone out there who had a grandparent like mine who spent the summers with Grandma and Grandpa Kent. Someone who has pictures and stories to share. And if anyone knows about Marie Anne's family the Browns or Ernest's family I'd love to hear from you.

I have a few other pictures and a stories I would love to share as well. I have a ton of information on Lake St. Louis.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

New Information on Joseph Anthony Beyl

I have recently been contacted by a Beyl cousin in France and a genealogist who has been helping her. In a short comment and email I learned more then the many hours I've spent researching the Beyl side of my family.

When I started this blog I hoped I'd find my lost cousins...but feared getting my hopes up. I have been truly blessed to meet (even if only through emails) the most amazing people...all of whom I'm so thrilled to call family.

From left to right: Amelia Fries, Jane Adams holding son Jeffrey, and Joseph Beyl

My Grandfather has written about his father so much more eloquently then I ever could, if you're interested read here.

Joseph's obituary:

Birth: Jan. 2, 1897
Strasbourg, France
Death: Jan. 28, 1989
San Francisco
San Francisco County
California, USA

Joseph A. Beyl
Funeral services will be held tomorrow for Joseph A. Beyl, a well-known San Francisco chef who died Saturday after a lengthy illness. He was 92.

Friends may visit after 11 a.m. tomorrow at the Evergreen Mortuary at McAvoy O'Hara Co., 4545 Geary Boulevard. Funeral services are at 3 p.m., with San Francisco historian Kevin Starr giving the eulogy. Private internment will be held at Mountain View Cemetery.

Son of a Strasbourg baker, Mr. Beyl left his home in Alsace in 1912 when he was 15, saying he wanted to see the world. After arriving in New York City, he talked his way into a cook's job at the Hotel Astor, explaining that he had worked in his father's bakery.

Mr. Beyl susequently worked at the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia and the Minneapolis Athletic Club.

By 1916, he began working as a cook at the St. Francis Hotel in San Francisco under the famed chef Victor Hirtzler, who became Mr. Beyl's mentor.

Mr. Beyl became chef de cuisine at the Hotel Californian in Fresno in 1924. He returned to the San Francisco area in 1932 and remained here throughout his life.

During his career, Mr. Beyl served as chef in San Francisco's Alexander Hamilton Hotel, the Lake Merritt Hotel in Oakland, the Menlo Country Club in Redwood City and various restaurants. He retired in 1970. He was a member and past president of the Gastronome Club.

Mr. Beyl and his wife, who died in 1982, were longtime Oakland residents. Since 1983, Mr. Beyl lived in San Francisco.

Survivors include a sister, Anna Fromm of Strasbourg; a son, Ernest Beyl of San Francisco, Laurel Beyl of San Francisco of San Francisco, Michael Beyl of San Anselmo, and Jeffrey Beyl of Seattle; and five great-grandchildren. 

What I'd like to share is the new information that has been shared with me.

Joseph Anthony Beyl was born in Stasbourg on 1/2/1897 to Franz Anton (Francois Antoine) Beyl and Josephine Sigrist. He had a brother Leon Marie (Leo Maria); two sisters, Maria Antonia Beyl and Anna Maria Beyl.

FRANZ ANTON (FRANCOIS ANTOINE) BEYL was born 31 May 1860 in Oberlauterbach, he was a baker. He married JOSEPHINE SIGRIST born 19 March 1865 in Obernai.

1. JOSEPH ANTOINE (Joseph Anthony) BEYL born 02 Jan 1897 in Strasbourg; died 28 Jan 1989 in San Francisco
2. LEON MARIE (Leo Marie) BEYL born 28 Sept 1898 in Strasbourg; died 18 Feb 1976 in Vandoevre-les-Nancy
3. MARIE ANTONIA BEYL born 27 June 1900 in Strasbourg; died 13 July 1900 in Strasbourg
4. ANNA MARIA BEYL born 21 June 1902 in Strasbourg; died 11 May 2000 in Strasbourg

I'm still looking for more information about Leon and Anna Maria's children and grandchildren and will share as soon as I learn more.

(left to right: Amelia Fries Beyl, Honor "Ben" Boland Adams, Ernie Beyl, 
Jane Adams, Jeff Beyl, Roxanne Minnigh, Joseph Beyl, 
anet Burns Minnigh and Robert Minnigh)