This blog is about family. I believe each person has a story and it's our duty to remember the stories of those who came before us.

I will always strive for accuracy...and if I ever get something wrong I welcome a note to tell me your version of the story. I am very much a self-appointed family historian. I've watched as my grandparents have passed away or lost their memories to old age and Alzheimers...and with them their stories. So I took it upon myself to record all that I could so we could document and treasure the stories before it was too late.

Genealogy is more to me then dates and timelines. Each person I research was a living, breathing person who lived a life. They got up every day and made choices. They had friends and loved ones. They laughed and cried and they were forced to endure things we may never truly understand. So it's my goal to share more then the facts. I will tell stories and interpret the facts as I see it. My posts will be my thoughts on my ancestors.

This will be a place to share stories, photographs and family recipes.

I want to welcome all who are related to any of my ancestors. I encourage you to share your photos, your stories, your research.

You can reach me at heidi (dot) cogdill (at) yahoo (dot) com