Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Importance of Finding Our Ancestors Tombstones

A very important part of any genealogy search is looking for the headstones of our ancestors.

John Guy Bradley's Headstone
(4th Great Grandfather)


Well...because these markers provide clues. Some grave markers are simple and yet others are more elaborate and may contain a great deal of information. The most obvious information is the birth and death dates. This can lead you to birth or death certificates, church records, military records, obituaries, etc.

Some markers even have inscriptions that give military rank or membership in some organization. Some may even have medallions instead of words. 

John Matthias Flach served in the Revolutionary War
(6th Gr Grandfather)

Now the more elaborate markers can offer lots of clues, like if the son was the eldest. The age may be listed, which can indicate date of birth. Maybe they'll list "Wife, Mother and Grandmother". If you were unaware of any children this would lead you on a new search. Or, like my 4th Gr Grandfather John Guy Bradley's grave marker below, lists his spouse.

Besides the information the grave markers can offer, I find them very interesting. They help tell a story. It's a piece of the person left behind that reminds those who remain that they existed. 

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