Saturday, July 28, 2012

Midnight Treasures....Joseph A Beyl and Amelia Fries Beyl Graves Found

Any genealogist will tell you when you are searching for information about Family A it's inevitable you'll find a nugget of information about Family B that will take you down a different path then you'd planned. There are days I will bookmark this information and continue my Family A search...but not often...since the nugget about Family B is so unexpected it becomes my new obsession. 

And even though my search for information on Family A has been put on hold once again...I'm so thrilled with what I've found it'll be hours before I get up from my computer.

I was doing a search on my grandfather, Ernest Beyl, this evening and instead a hit came up for Joseph Anton "Anthony" Beyl on Find a Grave Memorial's site. I quickly clicked over to find his obituary and a few details I was unaware of. Like his sisters name "Anna Fromm from Strasbourg"...Now I knew her name was Anna and she's in my tree as Anna Beyl, so I'm assuming if they've named her Anna Fromm in the obituary it's her married name. I hope to one day get in touch with any of my Beyl cousins. I hope you're out there...

Anyway, I love reading the obituaries of my ancestors. But especially this one for Joseph and his wife Amelia since they list their great grandchildren (which is me)...always brings a tear to my eye. I met them when I was a very young child but my parents moved us away from CA so sadly I didn't get to know them as I got older. I remember after Amelia died I was given a hand purse that was hers. I loved this thing and took it with me to the airport one evening and someone stole the purse while I was there. It was devastating. All these years later I don't remember who we were there to pickup...or even what items I lost in that purse...none of that even matters to me. But the loss of that heirloom still breaks my heart.

One other interesting tidbit was from Amelia Fries Beyl's memorial page...she is listed as "Mollie" Amelia Fries. Now there is no headstone image, so I'm dying to know if this was her true full name. I've never heard or seen this in my research before.

Plus, her parents and her siblings were all listed and their headstone images were included. They have all been buried in the Mountain View Cemetery...which I find interesting. I wonder if they're all close by each other. That really makes me happy.


  1. Ce jour est arrivé!

    Bonsoir Heidi, je m'appelle Mireille, je vis en France et je suis la petite-fille de Léon BEYL, le frère de votre arrière grand'père Joseph.
    Etes-vous la fille de Laurel?

  2. Hello Mireille!!

    No, Laurel is my Aunt. My father, Jeff is Laurel's brother. My grandfather Ernest Beyl is Joseph's only son.

    I'm so thrilled to hear from you!!

    Here is my email address so you can contact me that way.

    I have so many questions. So much I'd love to chat with you about.