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Surname Saturday - McCaskey / McKaskey

Surname Saturday is where I'll highlight a surname I'm pursuing, where and when.

Mary L McCaskey / McKaskey, my Gr Gr Grandmother, born February 15, 1873 in Pennsylvania

Mary L. McKaskey/McCaskey

My family has always known Mary's surname to be spelled McCaskey. That's how most census reports list it as well. However, the marriage certificate between Mary and William list the spelling as McKaskey.

Until recently I couldn't find anything about Mary McCaskey/McKaskey's family. My grandfather told me she had a sister named Rose, but no one knows who her parents were. I was fortunate to find the marriage license which lists Mary's mother as Margaret McKaskey.

I was so thrilled to find this document and to finally have her mother's name. I am looking for more proof, but I think her mother's name was Margaret Logan (1823, Scotland) and her father was John McKaskey (1820, Scotland).

I've found a 1880 Census from West Salem, Penn listing John McCaskey and Margaret McCaskey. Children Lizzie, Ella, Rosann, Mary, Maggie, Treasy. I believe Mary is my Gr Gr Grandmother and Rosann is Rose the sister my grandfather told me about.

Rose (Rosann) McCaskey

Marriage Between William L. Kimple and Mary L. McKaskey

Mary McKaskey/McCaskey & William Kimple

Marriage License Docket of the Orphans' Court of Crawford County
Mr. William L Kimple to Ms. Mary L. McKaskey 
Marriage License No: 2905
On this 24th day of December A.D. 1891, appeared Mr. William L Kimple and applied for a license for the marriage of Mr. Himself, white, a resident of the () of Hayfield, County of Crawford, State of Penn who was 23 years of age on the 10th day of July lat past, to Miss Mary L. McKaskey, white, a resident of the (JL) of ( ), County of Crawford, State of Penn who was 18 years of age on the 15th day of February last past.

And the said Mary L. McKaskey  being a minor, the consent of Margaret McKaskey, mother of the said minor to the contemplated marraige was first given before said Clerk personally (by proper legal certificate filed and duly signed, attestetd and acknoweldge). 

Occupation of man Farmer
Occupation of woman, none
Relationship of parties, if any, before marriage, none
Former state of man, marriage or single, single
Former state of woman, marriage or single, single
If married, date of death or divorce of man's wife.
If married, date of death or divorce of woman's husband, -.

Same day, the Clerks of the Orphans' Court .... by law to solemize marriage to join said William L Kimple and Mary L. McKaskey together in the holy state of matrimony.

Now this 31 day of Dec, A.D. 1891, there was received and filed here certificate as follows...

Marriage License for William and Mary Kimple 1891 (top left entry)

William and Mary had two children: Arthur Henry Kimple (1892) and my Gr Grandmother, Esther Agnes Kimple, who everyone called Bobbi, (1905 -1987).

back: Arthur Kimple and William Kimple
front: Esther Kimple and Mary McCaskey Kimple

Mary McCaskey with son Arthur Kimple

In a 1945 Florida State Population Census Mary is listed as living with her son Arthur. I don't know why she left Penn or when she died. Is she buried in Florida? I'd also love to find out when my Gr Gr Grandfather William Kimple died.
1945 Floriday Population Census

I've hit a dead end with both the McKaskey and Logan family lines since they both came from Scotland. If anyone out there knows more about either family or cant ell me more about Mary's parents, siblings or grandparents, I would LOVE to hear from you.

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