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Brown Ancestors

I've written about Marie Anne Brown and her husband Dr. Ernest E. Kent. Today I'd like to share more about the Brown family.

Marie Anne Brown's parents were Peter Elie Brown, MD and Maria Sophia Rafter.

Dr. Peter E. Brown was the son of Jeremiah R. Brown and Susan Wooldridge (Woolridge). Jeremiah R. is my 4th great grandfather. He and his wife Susan and their 6 sons immigrated from England to Canada...where they settled near Hudson Quebec in 1842. (Near the Ottawa River, opposite the indian village called Oka, 30 miles from Montreal). The ship they traveled on was named Pusie Hall.

1841 England Census 
Hampshire, St Mary Bourne, District 1A

Jeremiah R. Brown was born December 23, 1809 in Thatcham (England) parish. His parents were Jeremiah (Jery) Brown born 1783 and Mary Brin. Jery and Mary married on August 27, 1804 in Thatcham, England.

Jeremiah R. had two brothers David Jeremiah Brown born 1805 in Thatcham and James Brown born 1807 Thatcham. Jeremiah R. died July 1884 in Quebec, Canada.

Jeremiah R. had two brothers David Jeremiah Brown born 1805 in Thatcham and James Brown born 1807 Thatcham. David married Catherine Delanie Bohanen and Ann Hamilton (1805 - 1850). He immigrated to the USA and took the name David Benham. James Brown married a woman named Sarah (1809).

Jeremiah R. Brown's wife was Susan Wooldridge who was born November 9, 1800 at 5:15 and baptized the following Sunday in Newbury church. It is said that she is buried in the Catholic Cemetery, Ste Anne de Bellevue under the name Woolridge (no "d"). Her parents were James and Susannah Wooldridge.

Susan was 10 years older then Jeremiah.

1851 Census of Canada
Canada East Quebec / Valedreuie County

They had 6 sons:

James Brown (1827-1809) Revered
William Brown (1831-1912) Spouse: Mary Hodgson
John Brown (? - 1905) Spouse: ?
Frances Brown (1835 - ?) Spouse: Eliza Grisdale (1835 - ?)
Charles Brown (1838 - ?) Spouse: ?
Peter Elie Brown (1839 - 1933) Spouse: Maria Sophia Rafter
Sister?? Mrs. Joseph Lancaster (found a reference to her in her brother James Brown's obituary...haven't been able to find out any further information on her yet)

Reverend James Brown Obituary

Peter E. Brown, MD married Marie Sophia Rafter (b. Jan 5, 1837 Quebec - d. Oct 28, 1918 Ste Anne de Bellevue)

Peter and Marie had 9 children:

Joseph Henry Patrick Brown (1863 - 1934) Spouse: Margaret Augusta De La Rende (1859 - ?)
John James Louis Brown (1865 - 1939) Spouse: Gertrude Juliette Martha Wilare
Frederick Alfred Brown (1866 - 1900) Spouse: Agnes Jervis
Irederie Brown (1869 - ?)
Cecilia Agnes Brown (1870 - ?) Spouse: Pascal Deslauriers
Peter Elie Brown (1871 - 1913)
Charles Edward Brown (1873 - 1929) Spouse: A Ethel Van Der Veer
Marie Anne Brown (1877 - ?) Spouse: Ernest E. Kent
Helena Cathrine Brown (1879 - ?)

Marie Sophia Rafter was married in 1856 to a James McElhearn in Montreal, Quebec (Basilique Nortre-Dame) and she was 19 years old. It appears from the witness signatures and the text that her parents are John Rafter and Mary Ann Rafter.

Marriage Certificate 1856 Montreal, Quebec
Basilique Notre-Dame
Maria Sophia Rafter and James McElhearn

James McElhearn immigrated from Great Britian to the USA in 1850 at the age of 26...his ship name was Argyle.

James and Maria Sophia married in 1856 and James died at the age of 35 in 1859...they were married only 3 short years.

It's hard for me to imagine losing a husband so quickly and yet if he had lived...she wouldn't have married Peter E. Brown and I wouldn't be here today. 

Death Certificate of Marie Sophia Rafter


  1. This is really fascinating to read. My 2nd Great Grandfather is Peter Elie Brown, MD. My mother is Muriel Brown, who's father is Peter Russell Brown (1906-1996). Peter Russell Brown is the son of Peter Elie Brown, Jr. (1871-1914). My first name is Peter, named after my grandfather. My grandfather used to talk about Maria Sophia Rafter when he was alive... she died when he was 12. Thanks for the write-up!

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