Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Beyl Ancestors

With the help of my new found Beyl cousins we've been able to trace the Beyl ancestors back to my 7th Great-Grandparents.

For someone who couldn't even find my great-great grandparents a few months ago...this has truly been a gift.

Joseph Antoine (Anton) BEYL
b-1/2/1897 Strasbourg
d-1/28/1989 San Francisco, CA
*Married: Amelia FRIES (3/11/1905 - 12/18/1982)

Francois Antoine (Franz Anton) BEYL
b-5/31/1860 Oberlauterbach
*Married: Josephine SIGRIST (3/19/1865 - ?)

Jacques (Jacob) BEYL
b-3/12/1815 Oberlauterbach
*Married: Maria Anne (Maria Anna) SCHMITT (3/23/1825 - ?)

b-4/27/1791 Oberlauterbach
d-12/27/1850 Oberlauterbach
*Married: Madeleine (Magdelaine) LEHMANN

Jean (Joannis) BEYL
b-7/20/1754 Oberlauterbach
d-12/7/1831 Oberlauterbach
*Married: Catherine SCHICKEL

Jean Georges (Joannis Georg) BEYL
b-5/19/1729 Niederlauterbach
d-6/18/1758 Oberlauterbach
*Married: Maria Elisabeth KRAEMER

Joseph BEYL
b-1682 Siegen
d-4/10/1752 Siegen
*Married: Anne Marie FRITZ

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