Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kent Family Mystery Photos

My wonderful aunt has been helping me dig up photographs of my maternal grandmothers family. We've been able to find some wonderful photos, but sadly not many are labeled well. It got me thinking about my own photographs and whether my kids or grandkids would be able to decipher who was in each photo, date it was taken or the event. In regards to my photo albums they wouldn't be able to...but my photographs online or on my computer are at least labeled by who's in the photo.

It's definitely given me something to think about.

In our research search...we've come across a few photos have us stumped. 

All I know is this of the Kent family. Unsure of who each person is.

No idea who these children are.

Children unknown. This may be cousins or family...or maybe even school friends of the Kent family. The ages and genders don't match for the Kent siblings.

We think this is a family friend...unknown who it might be.

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