Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Mystery Photo

As family historians you'll come across photographs of unknown individuals from time to time. Don't push them aside assuming you'll never know who the picture is of.

Here is a photo my Grandpa Minnigh gave to me over 18 years ago and I can no longer remember who he saidwas in this photo. Sadly there is no note on the photo either.

I believe the photo is of a Minnigh and his wife. I've always thought this was of George Minnigh, my 4x Great Grandfather.

There are a few things I find so interesting about this photo. First that's it's taken inside of the home. Usually you see photos standing outside, I would imagine due to lighting issues with those old cameras. And why did they decide to have a photo done of them this way? It's such a domestic scene.  

Interesting features:

  • The man is sitting in the forefront, while his wife is sitting some distance in the back. (How did that conversation go? Or was it just assumed and she quietly took her place?) And the rocking chair he is sitting is looks beautiful, while she is sitting in a straight back chair.

  • He's holding 2 shotguns and she's sitting beside her spinning wheel. This shows their positions very well.

  • He's dressed in nice trousers and a very nice jacket. His wife looks to be wearing a very fine blouse. I can't tell if she's wearing a hat or if that is just her dark hair. 

  • I love the wood burning stove in the front left corner...what a gorgeous antique that would make these days.

  • The fireplace is roaring and they have two cauldrons hanging from the hooks. Those would be cast iron and well used. I wonder what's cooking inside? A stew perhaps?

  • There are two oil lamps on the mantle just behind the clock.

  • And the clock...this I just love...why? Because it says 10:30 and since there is light coming through the windows...I assume it's 10:30 a.m.

  • The house/cabin is small. There isn't a great deal of floor space and what flooring there is...it's brick. The living room/kitchen is very functional. Maybe there is a dining table positioned behind her. 

  • Can you see the firewood? There is a piece beside him and some next to her. But then look in the fireplace...you'll see the same type of wood is burning there.

  • It's hard to see exactly what is behind her...but it appears to be fabric hanging over her left shoulder...maybe a curtain or room divider of some sort.

I believe this is a Minnigh. In fact, I see a strong resemblance between the gentleman and my own Grandpa Minnigh.

If there is anyone out there who might recognize these two...I would LOVE to hear from you.

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