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Getting to Know...Arthur Henry Kimple

Arthur Henry Kimple was the son of Mary L. McCaskey and William L. Kimple, and brother of my Gr Grandmother Esther "Bobbe" Kimple (Minnigh).

Arthur Henry Kimple born 11/28/1892

I don't know much about Arthur yet, but there is quite the mystery beginning to unfold.

Arthur was 13 years old when Bobbe was born, so he was quite a bit older then her.

He married Mildred Amelia Prescott on 9/7/1923 in Wentworth, Ontario. Mildred was from Canada.

Arthur Henry Kimple

Arthur and Mildred Kimple

Recently my wonderful Aunt has taken the time to scan in photos my Grandfather had and found out that Arthur had a son named Lloyd (Loyd). Yet from the census records I've reviewed Arthur and Mildred had no children listed as living with them.
Bobbe holding Arthur's son Lloyd

Mary Kimple, Bobbe Kimple and 
William Kimple holding Arthur's son Lloyd

Based on these photos...he grew up to be a grown man.

Arthur Kimple and son Lloyd

The plot thickens...

The 1920 census...Arthur is 27 years old and living at home and he's listed as married. Married!!

He didn't marry Mildred for 3 more years. (I have the marriage certificate to prove it.)

So why in 1920 is he listed as married but living with his parents and sister? Where's his wife?

After a bit a searching I found a Lloyd H. Kimple born 1919 and his mother's name was Mary E. Yohe (Kimple). In 1920 she is living with her parents and her 1 year old son Lloyd. Census says she's been married for a year.

By the 1930 Census Mary E. Yohe (Kimple) is still living with her parents Frank E and Margaret J Yohe and her now 11 year old son Lloyd....but now she's listed as a widow.

We know that Arthur H Kimple is very much alive in 1930, so either this is the wrong match...or it was easier to call herself a widow. Were Arthur and Mary ever divorced?

Arthur was a mechanic. In the 1940 census he was unemployed for 30 months and shortly after in 1941 his father William Kimple died of stroke. Mary L. Kimple his mother sold the house and moved. The 1945 Florida Population Census shows her living in Florida with her son Arthur.

Then in 1946 Arthur and Mildred divorce in Osceola, FL.

I still can't find any marriage records for Mary E. Yohe (Kimple)...there is much more to uncover here.

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