Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adoption As Part of Your Genealogy Research had a great video about Adoption Research and Genealogy. Very please watch!

My Grandmother Jane Theresa Adams was adopted and I've begun my research on finding her biological family. She was born in San Francisco, CA on June 6, 1930 and she was adopted by a wonderful family. Honor Jane Boland and Miner Barnes Adams from CA.

I've begun to look into finding her birth parents and since she was in CA that requires quite a few of hoops to jump through.

My first step is to get a copy of her birth certificate. Now this will list her adoptive parents, but I want to start with that so I know I'm working with the correct county. I've filled out the application and now have to take the sworn statement to be notarized before mailing with the fee. It needs to be notarized since I'm not able to walk into the county office myself. In a few short weeks I will get a copy of her birth certificate.

But in order to view her original birth certificate I will have to first petition the courts for permission. Once a court order is granted, I will then mail a copy of that with an application and fee. And that's if I'm even given permission.

It all seems daunting, but I'm curious and it's a mystery I'd love to solve. Plus, I believe many of my own health issues come from her family line and it would be nice to have a bit more information.

Anyone had any luck uncovering an adopted relative's birth parents? I'd love to hear your story!!

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